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I’m a Palm Springs born, half Korean, half Israeli actress that has always had a passion for performance. Throughout my childhood, I pursued dance, caring for my horses, acting and traveling the world with my father as he promoted concert tours. I followed my dreams of being a performer and trained professionally in the Dance Work-Study Program at Millennium where I learned from Wade Robson, Shane Spark, Robert Hoffman and TopHat.z


After a successful wave of work as a young actress I took a break and started a family. Today I have three beautiful children. It’s true that nothing is harder in life than being a full-time mother, but I want my children to believe that dreams can come true…with hard work and dedication. It’s been a challenge trying to have it all, but I’m dedicated to studying my craft while networking and showcasing myself.


Splitting my time between family and my craft can be difficult, but I’m truly loving every second! So today, and every day after I will be doing just that!




I have my eyes on you


I will sell you some shit


Met my husband in a club

true story

I'm a spy

maybe a true story ;)




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